Summer Fun designed for Pre-K-5th graders!

Register for your Personalized FREE Spectacular Staycation Bible School Kit by July 1st. To register all you have to do is call or text Jamie Hovanec at 267-347-3395 or email at

Parents… The only information needed:

  • Name and age of each child in your household
  • One sentence that tells us more about them…what they are into these days, hobbies, interests, etc.  

Personalized Kits!

We will then assemble a personalized kit and arrange either a drop-off or a pick-up the week of July 19th. It is that easy. Still not sure about this? Well, what if we tell you that each kit will contain everything you need to explore in super cool and creative ways, in the comfort of your own home or backyard…


Three days (you choose them) of meaningful hands-on integrated activities that will teach you about God through Science, Nature, Art, Music, Movement, Outdoor Fun & Games, Storytelling & More.  

* Younger students may need parental supervision but 2nd grade students on up will more than likely be fine on their own…although the kits will be fun for the whole family.