The Goal...

... of all Faith Formation events at St. John’s is to provide a way for people of faith to walk together in community as we grow in faith. Opportunities shift and adapt based on the needs of the community and the changing realities of the world in which we live.

The offerings you see to the left reflect our current reality – life within a pandemic. We hope and pray for a time when our offerings bring us back into physical community with one another. But until that time, we gather in virtual realities, trusting that God is present and guiding us in faith in these new and challenging times.

Faith is a journey...

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Faith is a Journey

Back in 2013, a teenage boy told the pope that he was trying hard to believe in God and be faithful, but that he often struggled with doubt. "What can you say to help me and others like me?" he asked the pope.

The life of faith is a journey, Francis answered.

“Journeying is an art because if we're always in a hurry, we get tired and don't arrive at our journey's goal,” he said. “If we stop, we don't go forward and we also miss the goal. Journeying is precisely the art of looking toward the horizon, thinking where I want to go but also enduring the fatigue of the journey, which is sometimes difficult. … There are dark days, even days when we fail, even days when we fall … but always think of this: Don't be afraid of failures. Don't be afraid of falling. What matters in the art of journeying isn't not falling but not staying down. Get up right away and continue going forward. This is what's beautiful: This is working every day, this is journeying as humans. But also, it's bad walking alone: It's bad and boring. Walking in community, with friends, with those who love us, that helps us. It helps us to arrive precisely at that goal, that 'there where' we're supposed to arrive.”