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St. John’s leaders continue to monitor vaccination, transmission rates and guidance from healthcare professionals and our synod. Any required changes in our protocols will be promptly communicated to the congregation.


We are a community of faith and in response to God’s deep love for all people, we will honor our brothers and sisters by doing our best to keep one another safe and healthy. Therefore, the following protocols will be in place when we return to the sanctuary for worship on August 8 and until further notice:

  • We will continue to worship at one service at 9:30 AM. We will continue to livestream our service each Sunday on Zoom for anyone who does not feel comfortable returning to in-person worship. Recordings of worship will continue to be shared on our website. 
  • As of August 9, masks are now required for all (over the age of 2) when worshipping indoors.
  • While the pews will not be taped off, we do encourage social distancing with those who are not part of your household. Please spread out throughout the sanctuary. (The balcony is not available.)
  • Singing will continue but we ask that you sing quietly and consider masking. Singing continues to be one of the greatest risks for transmission of the virus.
  • Communion will continue to be celebrated once a month in the pews using the pre-packaged elements that the congregation picks up on their way into worship. 
  • The offering will be collected in baskets available when you enter and leave worship.
  • We will continue to refrain from sharing the peace and Pastor Becky will not be greeting folks at the end of worship. If you need to speak with Pastor Becky after worship, please go to the parlor to see her and, if unvaccinated, wear a mask.
  • Bathrooms will be available for use. We ask that you use the disinfectant spray provided on all surfaces you touch in the bathroom.

We ask that you respect the preferences of other worshippers. Some folks will want to greet one another, shake hands and/or hug. Others will not be comfortable with these actions. Some vaccinated folks will still prefer to wear masks while indoors out of safety for themselves and/or vulnerable individuals in their household. As a Christian community, we are called by Christ to love our neighbors and one way we do that is by respecting each person’s comfort level with respect to this pandemic and how individuals live into the safety precautions in place.
The church council and the Worship and Music Committee will continue to review worship practices, attendance, guidance from healthcare professionals and our local and national church and make changes to these protocols as warranted. 
The church leadership also strongly encourages worshippers who are eligible to get the COVID-19 vaccine for the safety of all of God’s children. If you need assistance finding a vaccination site, please contact the church office for assistance.
As always, if you have any questions about any of these protocols, please reach out to Pastor Becky Schanely, Tony Aleide (council president) or Erika Haldeman (Worship and Music Committee chair).